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Welcome to Kate & Avie !

Three words to describe myself.  QUILTER, FABRIC CURATOR and COMMUNITY INSTIGATOR !

Quilts for LIFE...Quilts to leave a LEGACY of your LOVE. I custom make quilts, turn precious memories into MEMORY QUILTS. Quilts to mark a newborn to the family, a union of two A WEDDING Quilt or a LOVE quilt for a member of the family. 



Color and Vibrancy are central to our creations from FABRICS to design.   

Community Projects that inspire sewing -  perpetuate the basic skill of sewing to all; using sewing as a way to support social causes such as Mental Wellness and Awareness.


Our latest project is #SewInLoveProjectSG is currently on display at Sengkang Library as an initiative we led with the National Library Board of Singapore.

Besides passionately loving what I do, I love the outdoors, my workout regime and recently, "I changed my WATER and changed my LIFE! How??


Enjoy surfing our website to discover more about our products and services. Follow us on 

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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